Lockdown (the game)

Welcome to…

A free point and click adventure game created entirely by Tom Hardwidge of Tall Story Games to help make the most of his own time during the coronavirus lockdown.

Lockdown (the game) is free to play online but, if you enjoy playing it, please consider making a donation. 100% of all donations will be given to Women’s Aid to help support victims and survivors of domestic abuse, a cause which is particularly pertinent at a time of lockdown.

So far 35 pounds have been raised for Women’s Aid.

The story

The game follows the life of Dr. Daniels, a virologist who is balancing work, parenting, homeschool and a lack of toilet paper in a world of self-isolation and lockdown.

Explore the rooms of her house during lockdown, interact with her family and solve puzzles to get everything ready before she presents her research to the rest of her team in a 15-way Zoom meeting.