Are you stuck?

I’m stuck!

I haven’t written a narrative walkthru of the game, as this can lead to spoilers. Instead, pick the section below that relates to what puzzle is eluding you, and find the hint you need to get you back on track.

Getting started

If you’re having trouble with the basic controls of the game. Moving around, interacting with objects and characters etc. you can find a guide on how to play here.

If the game is not acting as you expect then try playing it in a newer browser or on a different device. I’ve tested it on a load of different devices, screens and browsers but you can’t account for everything so it’s possible that it may not run as expected for you.

I don’t know what to do

Try clicking “Look at”, and then selecting the “To-do list” in your inventory. This will give you a checklist of puzzles you need to solve to complete the game.

Entertaining the children

This is multi-part puzzle. One for each child in the game.

Moody child

First thing’s first. Have you tried talking to the Moody child and asking various questions.

I have, but now what?

Have you tried offering to help her with her homework?

I have, but I don’t know all the answers to her questions.

You have a couple of options here. You can either sit and work them out like a hard-working GCSE student, or if you’re not feeling like living through a maths exam, you can try all of the multiple-choice options until you find the correct ones.

OK, the homework’s done. Now what?

After you’ve helped with her homework you’ll need to offer her something to keep her happy. What does she want?

I’ve found what she wants, but it’s not charged

Can you find somewhere to plug it in? Once you’ve done that, you will have to keep yourself busy for a while doing other things before it will be fully charged.

Now what?

You’re basically done. Pick up the fully charged iPad, give it to the Moody child and this part of the puzzle is now solved.

Lazy child

First thing’s first. Have you tried talking to the Lazy child and asking various questions to find out what he wants in order to not interrupt your call.

I have, but what do I give him?

It’s not as easy as giving him one or more things that you find lying around, look for a clue in the kitchen.

OK, I know I need to make something. What next?

In this guide, find the section called “baking”, then come back here.

I’ve made them, now what?

Give them to the Lazy child and he’ll leave you alone on your call.

Satisfying social media

For this puzzle you are required to take photos of things around the house which could be posted with a positive spin on them.

Where’s the mobile phone?

Have a look in the home office.

How do I take photos?

Once you have the mobile phone, use it on different elements in the game to take a photo.

What do I need to take photos of?

If you look at the mobile phone in your inventory it will give you clues and tell you what you’ve already taken photos of.

I need more guidance

Rainbows are very popular on social media.

Uh-huh…what else?

How about your children (but only when they’re satisfied).

I still need one more…

Try outside.

I’m still stuck

Take photos of the following items around the house.

  • The rainbow picture in the window of the home office.
  • The rainbow graffiti in the hallway.
  • The two children once their respective puzzles have been completed.
  • The unfinished paving in the garden.

Going to the toilet

Looks like you’ve run out of toilet roll. You’ll need to find some more.

I can’t find any!

Can you find an empty roll anywhere? You might need to make your own.

I have an empty roll, now what?

You’ll need at least three sheets on it to do the business.

Three sheets of what?

At this stage, try using anything that might be suitable!

I know what I need to do, but I can’t find enough “sheets”

Sheet 1

Try looking in the home office.

Another clue?

Look for something readable.

Sheet 2

Try looking in the hallway.

Another clue?

Look for something wearable.

Sheet 3

Try looking in the kitchen.

Another clue?

This one is hidden inside something else. Try using various objects in the room for a clue.

Nope, where is it?

Try picking up the coffee percolator.

Now what?

Now you can use your homemade bog roll with the toilet upstairs.

Sorting out your hair

For this puzzle you’ll need a few different things.

I don’t know where to start

I’d take a look in the mirror if I were you!

OK, but I need more things

I need something to cut with

Try looking somewhere dark in the house.

I need some instructions

Take inspiration from haircuts of the past.


There’s a book in the kitchen which might help.

I need something to cut around

Try using something round. The kitchen might be a good place to look.

I’ve got it, but I can’t use it

If it’s got ingredients in it you’ll need to complete the section on “Baking” before you can use the bowl for cutting hair.

Installing the webcam

You’ll need to find out where the webcam is before you can install it.

Where is the webcam?

Try looking on the doormat in the hallway.

I can’t pick it up!

Find the section in this guide called “Sanitising”.

Now what?

Sanitise the package and pick it up.

Is that all?

You might need to install the webcam on your laptop and make sure you have your lab coat on before starting the call!

Changing channels

So you want to change the channel on the TV. Is there anything in the lounge you could use?

Like what?

Like a….remote control?

Found it, but it doesn’t work

You’ll need to find some more batteries.

No shit Sherlock, where?

There are more somewhere in the house. Maybe inside something else…

Got it, how do I get the batteries out?

You’ll need a suitable tool. Look at the item for a clue.

Where can I find a suitable tool?

Try looking outside.

I’m simple and I can’t work anything out!


Go outside and pick up the screwdriver.

Go into the loft and find the torch (it’s in the dark).

Use the screwdriver with the torch.

Use the batteries with the remote control.

A little help please!

Try exploring carefully in the dark.

Now what?

Go and use the working remote with the TV. This should then encourage the Lazy child to clear up the floor.


During lockdown, things may need sanitising. Here’s a quick guide on how to achieve that in the game.

Where do I even start?

First, can you find anything suitable in the house?

I’ve found something, but it’s empty!

You might need to make some more then.

What? I don’t know what goes into this stuff.

Do a bit of research, you don’t need a lot.

I’m still not sure what I need

To make homemade sanitiser, you’ll need some alcohol, aloe vera and something to make it smell nice.

OK, I know what I need, but how do I get it?

Let’s take this one step at a time.


Can you find anything in the house that would do the trick?

I’ve found it, but I can’t reach it!

You’ll probably need some help clearing the floor. Speak to someone nearby, how could you encourage them to help you?


Talk to the Lazy child, he’d love to watch the TV but the remote’s not working. Find the section in this guide called “Changing channels”.

Another clue please?

There’s some strong alcohol to be had in the lounge.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is a succulent plant, often used as a houseplant.

OK I think I’ve found it. But what do I do with it?

You’ll need to extract its sap somehow.

That’s all well and good, but how?

A syringe might work particularly well!

I can’t find one

Then you’ll need to make one.

I don’t know what I need.

Something with a bit of suction, and something long and sharp would do the trick.

Something with suction?

Have a look in the kitchen sink.

Something sharp?

Drinking straws have quite sharp ends. Take a look in the lounge, or in your inventory to see if you can find one.

I’m still stuck!

Take the turkey baster out of the kitchen sink.

Take the orange carton off the coffee table in the lounge.

Look at the carton in your inventory to extract the straw.

Use the straw with the baster to create a syringe.

I can’t find one!

Have a look in the bathroom.

Essential oils

These often come from flowers.

I’ve found some, but I can’t get them

Have you tried cutting them with something?


Like shears.


Like, somewhere dark in the house.

Got them, now what?

Once you have the alcohol and aloe vera, you should be able to add these into the mix too to complete your sanitiser.


Everyone else is doing it during lockdown, here’s a guide to baking in the game.

Right, what am I supposed to be making?

Have a look in the kitchen, there should be something in there with a recipe.

OK, I have found a list of things I need, but where are they?

They’re dotted all around, and some will only be accessible if you solve other puzzles.

Where can I find something to mix them in?

Try looking in the kitchen. When you’ve got it, you can add all of the ingredients into it.

Where can I find sugar?

Small children sometimes discard sweets if they get bored of them. Sticking them in odd places.

Hmm, I still can’t find it.

Have you tried looking on the landing? It’s quite small and hard to spot.

Help me!

There’s a little pink sweet stuck to the banister rail on the landing.

OK, got it. But I can’t put it in the bowl.

You’ll need to crush it up somehow.

How do I do that?

You’ll need to put it somewhere flat first.


There are some nice hard, flat surfaces in the garden.

Can you be more specific?

Use the sweet with the pile of paving slabs in the garden.

OK, done that. Now what?

Try hitting it with something.

Like what?

Something with a hard bottom?

I still can’t figure it out.

Use the Hard-soled boots with the sweet on the paving slabs.

Where can I find milk?

It’s not a normal bottle of milk that you need, have a look around the house and see if you can find it lying around.

I’ve found it, how do I get it?

Think Indiana Jones! You may need to swap it for something else.

Well, obviously, but what?

Find something a baby would like in its cot.

I think I’ve found it, but how do I get it?

If something’s stopping you from picking it up, you may need to find a way of getting it to leave.

What can I use?

Some kind of alternative soft “toy” might do the trick.

Got it. But I can’t use it or give it to him.

Try throwing it outside.

I still can’t find anything.

Look on the desk by the computer in the home office.

I’m still stuck

Once you have the stress toy from the home office, take it to the kitchen and use it on the back door. The dog will chase after it and you’re free to get the bunny.

I’ve got it, but I can’t swap it yet.

You’ll probably need to wash it somewhere.

I’ve done that, but it’s still too manky.

You’ll need something to sanitise it with. In this guide, find the section called “sanitising”, then come back here.

OK, all clean. Now what?

Now you’re ready to swap it for the milk. Good luck.

Where can I find eggs?

Where would you find them in the wild?

Where can I find flour?

Try looking in the kitchen.

Where can I find butter?

It’s not “normal” butter that you need to find.

Still stuck I’m afraid…

Go to the bathroom, and look for “body butter”.

Where can I find chocolate?

Who probably likes chocolate the most in the house? Try looking around them and seeing what you can find.

I’ve found the snack bar, but I can’t add it to the other ingredients

Maybe you need to take the chocolate chips out of the snack bar first. What could you use?

Nope, still stuck…

Find the tweezers in the home office and use them on the snack bar to take the chocolate chips out.

OK, I’ve got all the ingredients. Now what?

Bake them somewhere hot.